Android logo Comipo

To create Android logo robot you need primitives from “3D Item” tab, “91. Primitive”. In concrete, you need: column, sphere, box. Thats all, nothing more.

Let’s start with the construction of the head of Android. To do this, take the field, stretch it to the whole 3D area, as in the picture:

Start sphere in Comipo

Next, move the 3D sphere partially off displayed frame. To do this, take the mouse approximately where the green cross, and pull:

Comipo: Sphere moving

Put the color of the sphere by pressing the “Change Color”(C) in accordance with a picture:

Change color of 3D object in Comipo

Further add 2 more sphere and 2 cylinders on the head. They are our eyes and antennas, respectively. You can rotate with green-marked circles:

Comipo: eyes and antennas

You have to put the antennas to the same color options as the head. Then upscrew by 100% eyes brightness slider (“Brightness”). We obtain:

Comipo: head without shadows

The head is ready, add a drop shadow. To do this, highlight the head and antennas, copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V).

Comipo: head of Android

Put Inserted layers to the back layer (B, Shift + F4), do a little shift, mark as a color slightly darker green. If necessary, you can turn off the 3D Stroke (F9):

3D Outline settings in Comipo

We obtain the final result:

Comipo: Ready Android head

Further drawing is not a problem, because only these techniques are used.

Comipo: Ready Android

Good luck, and may the Android force be with you!

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