Character with wings in Comipo

You cannot do character with wings in Manga Maker Comipo with default capabilities. However, you can see demonic figure with wings in the manga “One Manga Day”:

Demonic character with wings in Comipo

It is simple enough to make such character. You only need to put on the background layer… a crow!

Crow wings in Comipo

By the way, the horns of a character - a simple flame from “Comic Mark”. Flag “Draw Outside Panel” was enabled in my case:

Comipo включение рисования за панелью

In fact, the character does not actually have the wings: we just have a 2 layers one by one. Similarly, you can make angel-style character:

Angel wings in Comipo

I used “Feathers_113” effect from “Comic Mark” tab.

Also, the wings can be imported as a 3D-object. For example, Fake Dragon Wings by MMDFakewings18 can be downloaded here, you can read about importing to Comipo in this tutorial. This is how character looks in Comipo:

Imported 3D wings in Comipo

Good luck, cruise!

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