Converting PMD, or new hairstyles for Comipo

Manga Maker Comipo can import 3D models in the following formats: csu, mqo and obj. Obj format is the only widespread from this list. Obj format rather popular among game developers than in hairstyle and clothes fashion. But you can find a lot of hairstyles, clothes, and other fun stuff for Miku Miku Dance, abbreviated MMD. This tutorial considered on the import of custom 3D models in PMD format - the format of 3D objects in Miku Miku Dance.

Imported Hairstyle in Comipo

The figure above show Sporty Hair and Windy Hair hairstyle by MMDFakewings18. It is already imported into Comipo. The easiest way to convert PMD (or PMX) into MQO is a “dxPmdxConverter” utility:


First, you need to extract your hairs archive. For example, I extracted Windy Hair into “E:\OneMangaDay\Windy Hair” folder:

Windy Hair archive content

I want to draw attention to the files t010, t011, t013 - this is texture images, they are “dress up” to the model. Without them, Comipo import will not work correctly, the model will simply white with a black stroke.

Next you need to convert PMD-file into MQO format. To do this, open the dxPmdxConverter and select the desired file in it (or just drag&drop it). If everything is successful, then the folder will have one more file - MQO:

Converting PMD-model into MQO format with dxPmdxConverter

You must import result file into Comipo after converting the model into obj or mqo. The most convenient way is simply drag the resulting MQO-file into the Comipo window. More information about the import of models can be found in the tutorial “Making own 3D objects for Comipo”. It is convenient to bind hairstyle or clothing to the character after importing. This is described in the tutorial “Item Positioning in Comipo”.

Here is the girls with third-party hairstyles:

Comipo: girls with third-party hairstyles

You can find a lot of MMD-stuff on hairstyles, dresses and all other stuff.

dxPmdxConverter was written specifically for tutorials on “One Manga Day”. Typically, the utility produces the best results in the conversion of PMD into MQO. It can also read PMX, and write both MQO and OBJ. However, the result is not always perfect. You can also try PMD import for Blender or PMX Editor (link 1, link 2), but these methods are much more complicated.

Good luck in creating a fundamentally new characters!

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