Hero room in Comipo

As you know, Manga Maker Comipo has a very few backgrounds with room interior. So, we need to make our own, it’s not very difficult! The resulting image will be based on a mixture of 3D- and 2D-elements. Result in Comipo looks like this:

Ready room in Comipo

First you need to place window from tabs “Image Item” - “35. Window & Door”. And add the background:

Room in Comipo: start

Next, add another window, which will be another wall. Add a carpet (“BG Image” - “93. Wallpapers”). Carpet can be embellished as desired:

Room in Comipo: step 1

Add a pattern just above the carpet (“Item Image” - “91. Decorations” - “Band Lace”). Add the third window. Third window have a 1 pixel stroke, the edge will be the corner of the room:

Room in Comipo: step 2

Now add 3D table (“3D Item” - “09. Business”) and magic come true, the room takes on the volume:

Room in Comipo: step 3

Add more 3D-elements to the room: the windowsill (“3D Item” - “91. Primitive” - “Box (Long)”), a couple of bags, a bear, a PC, a chair, two inverted bookcases (“3D Item” - “08. Furniture “-“ Bookshelf “). Particular attention should be paid to the rotation of the bookshelves, as they add significantly volume to the room. Bottom line of the shelves should be parallel to the line of the table:

Room in Comipo: step 4

Everything is good, but the walls look like something boring. I want to have wallpaper with a pattern of hearts! To do this, add one picture (“Item Image” - “92. Wallpaper” - “Heart pattern”) and move the layer down (D) as long as it will only be displayed on the main wall near the window. Some pattern part may go out the window, which is the right wall:

Room in Comipo: step 5

Similarly, add the hearts under the windowsill and on the right wall. Slightly turn hearts on the right wall clockwise, we must not to lose perspective:

Room in Comipo: step 6

Add some stuff on the table, the clock on the wall and get the final image:

Room in Comipo: step 7

Good luck in creating new housing!

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